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What is BASE Education?

We are a mental health solution built by educators and mental health professionals with you and your students in mind.

We’ve been in your shoes and understand how challenging it can be to reach a student. We also know what it feels like when you can’t. Our mission is to make connections with your students easier. Using the Learn Connect Respond model, we tackle mental health topics you may find tough to discuss, give students a vehicle to connect with their emotions, and provide insight to students and adults that help them both respond better to each other. Hear from Robin, our founder, in this video to learn more.

What Are Students Saying?
Students feel
...successful when doing BASE modules
Students talk
...about things with their therapist or counselor that they couldn't before using BASE
Students use
...what's been learned in BASE modules in their everyday life
Learn > Connect > Respond
the LCR Methodology
BASE Education Modules follow the Learn, Connect, Respond Framework. SEL Programs typically fall into one of 2 categories. The first is Learn. This is where a subject is taught to gather information. The students acquire knowledge of the subject area presented. Often, that is the end of the SEL experience. The other category is Respond. Typically administered through an assessment or a survey, students demonstrate their understanding or competency of the subject area.

This is often left with a "Now What?" moment where educators and counselors must create the next steps with the data received. BASE is unique in that it implements Learn (through modules, educator guides, lesson plans), Respond (BASEline Assessment) and the most critical aspect, Connect. It is the Connect piece that allows students to take what they have learned and understand how this is applicable in their own journey. BASE Connects students by utilizing Journalistic Introspection so the student can be heard. It is the combination of Learn, Connect, and Respond that sets BASE a part when implementing SEL.
BASE Education

Platform Highlights

These are just a few of the highlights our partners comment on the most

Journalistic Introspection

Journalistic introspection allows students to connect the material to their current situation.

Modularized Content

Modularized content gives students bite-sized topics to experience success and build on it.

Educator Guides

Educator Guides give teachers and counselors the language needed for group instruction or to more deeply connect with their students.
BASE Education


BASE Education curriculum is appropriate for all students, not just high-risk teens. Most modules have an instructional version option (for use in the classroom and small group settings), as well as, a companion parent module. All modules are offered in a variety of languages and include a hovering glossary to support all students. BASE modules are enhanced routinely to reflect the latest research.

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