What is BASEline Assessment?

Created to Identify Individualized Needs and Evaluate

BASEline is a full-scale research-validated screener to measure student growth. This powerful self-reporting measure can help you track changes in your student body and remove the guess work for teachers wondering how to personalize instruction.


Each student begins their BASE journey in BASEline. Often spanning no more than 10 minutes, they answer 41 simple questions about their behavior, engagement, academic confidence, and social connectivity.

Suggested Modules

BASEline gives a recommended prescription of modules designed specifically for improving the identified areas of need. This simplifies the assignment process for teachers and personalizes the instruction for the student.


Upon completing the assigned modules, BASEline is re-administered to show pre and post test results. Administrators are dynamically informed with charts and graphs as to the effectiveness of their SEL initiative.

Why BASEline Matters

Administrators and staff are empowered with the ability to easily report on program outcomes. Students are provided insight into areas of personal growth. As your partner, we assist you in tracking and reporting on your program initiatives’ effectiveness at the district, campus, and/or student levels.

Proven Results
Decrease in number of negative consequences among students completing modules
Fewer days missed among student completing BASE modules
Increase in emotional engagement scores among students completing modules
Study conducted by Dr. Dustin Williams, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at East Central University, in the spring of 2021 over 4 schools with more than 1,400 students.

Engagement is Everything, Motivation Matters, Time is the Tie that Binds

Engagement is the mechanism that drives changes in academic self-confidence. Students can vary greatly on engagement, likely driven by factors outside of school context. The pathway for increasing overall student engagement is paved through increases in academic self-confidence and time spent in Motivation, a BASE module marking the start of a journey toward a more engaged student. This module was shown to have had the largest impact on overall engagement and academic self-confidence.

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