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Special Education Resources for IEP Compliance

The severe shortage of Special Education teachers has made it extremely challenging for schools to stay in compliance with students’ Individualized Education Plans or IEPs. If you’re struggling to:

  • Remain in compliance with social work/mental health/counseling minutes within an IEP
  • Provide behavioral data within a behavioral MTSS plan to move towards a Special Education Evaluation
  • Support students within their Least Restrictive Environment without removing them from class
  • Apply Tier II supports within the classroom and/or small group settings

BASE Education can help you accomplish all of this in less time. Contact us to learn more..

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Save Time

Through screening, data capture, and personalized modules, BASE Education can help with IEP compliance while saving educators’ time.

Due to the teacher shortage, the teacher-to-student ratio in special education classrooms does not allow teachers to spend the one-on-one time that Tier II and Tier III students need. Using BASE Education and a station-rotation structure, teachers can split their time among students, facilitating one-on-one time with more students.

How is this possible? With the BASE Education, a special education teacher can have some students working individually in the BASE platform to share insights into their mental health and well-being, while at another station students can learn about a specific topic through assigned modules. The time a student spends in the module is captured and can apply to required mental health or social work service minutes within an IEP.

Save Time

BASEline Universal Screener

Our BASEline Universal Screener makes it easy to analyze areas of need and/or instructional practices by utilizing percentile ranks within four domains, and BASEline recommends an individualized learning pathway for each student to utilize across all school settings.

In addition, teachers receive real-time data about how their students are doing based on their answers to questions within modules and can follow up with students for in-the-moment interventions pertaining to a student’s PLAAFP and/or goals/objectives.

Intervention and Prevention

Firewords Identify Kids in Crisis

Finally, our fireword technology alerts a supervising adult in real time if words are written that would be evidence of harm to self or others. Even if deleted, all fireword text is captured for the supervising adult to review.

Want to learn more about how BASE Education can help your school remain in compliance with students’ IEPs? Contact us to learn more.


CASEL Recognized Curriculum
BASE is also the only fully online platform recognized by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). Noted by CASEL for systemic implementation at the school or district level, BASE is also recognized by CASEL for high-quality training and other implementation supports, as well as being an evidence-based program.
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