Grades 6-8

Middle School Program

BASE Education’s middle school curriculum is specifically designed for students in grades 6-8 and reflect the unique needs of the middle school learner. This includes more concise content with relatable examples and images, leveled vocabulary and topic discussion, and developmentally appropriate lines of questioning.

The modules offer accompanying educator guides, parent/guardian versions, and instructional versions (for use in the classroom and small group settings).


How Our Program Helps

We provide a space for students to connect with their feelings and take the opportunity to internalize and process their emotions.

Educator Guides

Educator Guides provide developmentally appropriate lessons, activities, and discussion topics for middle school students.

Modularized Content

Modularized content gives students the tools necessary to vocalize their feelings.

Journalistic Introspection

Journalistic introspection allows students to connect the material to themselves.
All of Our Modules are CASEL Recommended & Evidence-Based
The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has been reviewing evidence-based SEL programs since 2003. BASE Education meets CASEL’s SEL-related designation and is included in the CASEL Guide to Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs as an innovative program on educational practice that is aligned with social and emotional learning and can contribute to systemic SEL implementation at the school or district level.
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Middle School Program
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Adjusting to Today’s New “Normal”
45 Mins

Everyone was impacted by the events of last year and all students continue to feel the impact in various ways.

Skydive tandem selfie photo effect
45 Mins

Defines adrenaline, distinguishes between fight or flight, discusses teenage thrill-seeking, highlights the impact adrenaline has on the body, defines alternatives, explores barriers to success, and provides tools to overcome challenges.

All or Nothing Thinking
45 Mins

Defines extreme thinking patterns, discusses the drawbacks and tendencies of such patterns, describes healthy alternatives to dysfunctional habits, highlights the impact of limited thinking, and explores barriers to success.

Anger Management
75 Mins

Defines anger management, discusses the importance of controlling anger, teaches the different types of anger such as passive, passive aggressive, assertive, and aggressive.

60 Mins

This module will help you to understand anxiety, recognize the signs, and develop coping strategies as well as help-seeking behaviors.

Avoiding Exploitation
90 Mins

Defines exploitation, outlines safety, and highlights pitfalls for potentially dangerous relationships.

Bullying and Cyberbullying
45 Mins

This module is intended to protect you, protect others, and to help all students find their healthy path.

Character Traits
45 Mins

Defines positive character traits such as empathy, honesty, integrity, accountability, and respect.

Coping Strategies
90 Mins

Defines coping strategies, highlights the importance, provides examples, helps to individually define skills that work for each student.

45 Mins

This module will teach the basic facts about the Coronavirus, including how to protect yourself.

African American father hugging his two sons.
Cultural Implications Within Family and Learned Behavior
60 Mins

Defines "family", and helps student identify those traits learned from being a part of that "family" unit.

45 Mins

In this module, students will learn to identify their emotions and read their physical cues, to cope with depressive symptoms.

Digital Citizenship
45 Mins

This module will create safety in the use of technology and outline appropriate behavior in the digital world.

Future Goals
90 Mins

Defines what it means to have goals and highlights the benefit of being focused.

Getting to Know You
20 Mins

This module will help you to get to know your students at the beginning of a relationship, whether it's the start of a term, or a newer connection, you will learn about your students thoughts, abilities, and interests.

Healthy Communication
75 Mins

Defines healthy communication, discusses the importance of communicating well, teaches the different types of communication such as verbal, non-verbal, body language, and tone.

Healthy Relationships
30 Mins

A module about evaluating and building healthy peer relations.

Impulsive Decision-Making
45 Mins

Defines impulsivity, discussed repercussions of dangerous behavior, discusses teenage tendencies, defines alternative behaviors, explores barriers to success, provides tools to overcome challenges, teaches healthy replacements, and reviews a plan for the future.

Irrational Thinking
45 Mins

Defines irrational thinking, demonstrates how irrational thinking may be harmful, identifies how to overcome negative patterns, teaches about teenage tendencies to think irrationally.

Resilient Leadership in Education: Unveiling the Transformative Power of Self-Care

Learned Helplessness
45 Mins

Defines learned helplessness, uncovers origins of such beliefs, demonstrates how overcoming helplessness lends itself to empowerment.

Learning How to Say “No Thanks”
45 Mins

This module will help students to say "no thanks" to uncomfortable or risky situations.

Life Changes and Adjustments
45 Mins

"Life Changes and Adjustments" is designed to help students to process the biggest of life changes to the smallest.

10 Mins

In this module, students will begin to learn about mindfulness.

Latin american young man very happy after receiving his diploma looking away with arms crossed
45 Mins

Defines motivation, outlines the various types, explores barriers to success, and provides tools to overcome challenges.

Primary and Secondary Impacts of Behavior
45 Mins

Defines impacts of behavior, outlines the types of impacts, discusses importance of understanding one’s effect on their world, and highlights drawback of negative impacts.

Putting It All Together
45 Mins

Reviews and collaborates all skills used in modules for a successful return to school and life.

45 Mins

This module is intended for in-the-moment disruptive behaviors.

Restorative Practices
45 Mins

Defines restorative practices, outlines types of harm, discusses the importance of creating safety in one’s environment, specifies ways in which to establish safety and trust.

45 Mins

Defines self-esteem, outlines types, discusses how to develop a stronger sense of self-esteem.

Strategies for Successful Return to School
60 Mins

Defines successful reintegration.

Stress Management
30 Mins

This module will help students to understand the definition of stress and learn how it manifests itself in their minds, bodies, and actions.

Suicide Education and Prevention
45 Mins

This module talks about depression, facts around suicide, risk factors, protective factors, and guides students through proper intervention strategies.

Talking to Adults
60 Mins

Defines appropriate communication with grown-ups and discusses the importance of being able to verbalize thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a healthy manner.

60 Mins

Helping to keep kids in school by exploring challenges, barriers to attending, personal pitfalls, and providing ways to overcome these challenges to return, and stay in school.

Vision of Self
45 Mins

Defines vision of self, discusses, healthy versus unhealthy perspectives, teaches how to implement healthy viewpoints, discusses personal vision, outlines tools for growth.

10 Mins

Prerequisite first class for all students. Includes module instructions and mandatory disclosure.

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