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An evidence-based solution with expert clinical content,
students process and own their journey to success

BASE meets the standards and core
competencies of MTSS, PBIS, and CASEL

Life has changed. It is our privilege to help.

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Who is BASE Education?

Social-Emotional Learning is our business.  We have been practicing the clinical psychology of students and their systems for decades.

BASE uses all evidence-based practices derived from clinical foundations including Cognitive Behavioral Frameworks, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical-Behavioral Theories, Strengths-Based Approaches, Brief Solution-Focused Theories, Mindfulness, and Person-Centered Approaches. Students are taught psycho-social concepts through a supportive and therapeutic dialogue.

All courses are rigorously edited and approved by our panel of field experts which include: Clinical Psychologists, Pediatric Psychiatrists, School Counselors, At-Risk Specialists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers, Administrators, and Educators.

SEL, i.e. student mental health and wellness is a serious, top-tier priority. Through responsible practices, we tackle the hard stuff to support the student and their system.

Far beyond the basics of character education, through BASE, students can experience actualization, health, and success.

We’ve got you covered, use us as your guide and we’ll do the rest.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Software That Makes A Difference

Our online platform changes the game when it comes to addressing the mental health of teens.  We use technology to engage students and allow supervising adults the ability to have effective follow-up conversations. With up-to-the-minute progress monitoring, school administrators can gauge safety, resiliency, and growth.

Schools and facility schools leverage our platform in a variety of ways.  Schools use modules to augment their PBIS rewards program, provide health credits, alternatives to suspension and expulsion, detention, group dialogues, behavioral interventions and stabilization, IEP planning, prevent cyberbullying (digital citizenship), and family cohesion.

BASE Education Course Solution
Administrative Screen

We help you succeed

Our technology connects faculty, counselors, and administrators. Assigned personnel can access student work, identify any imminent danger, and collaborate with the student.

Our social emotional learning (SEL) technology connects with students by building rapport and leveraging a strengths-based approach.  In addition, adults can access students responses for up to the minute user progress monitoring. 

Our Proven Software Features


We capture and highlight Firewords™. These are words that bring attention to potentially harmful language.

Real Time Progress Monitoring

Adults can monitor all student responses in real time.

Parent/Guardian Portal

We provide companion courses to provide parents, teachers, and guardians the language and skills needed to connect to their student.

Feature Text Deletion

We capture all student text – even after it has been deleted!

Students next to lockers

What Students Are Saying

87% of students feel successful when doing BASE coursework


71% of students think about the BASE coursework on their own time


77% use what they've learned from BASE in their everyday life


81% of students say that BASE enables them to talk about things with their therapist or counselor that they couldn't before they used the program.

*Study conducted with the assistance of Excelsior Youth Centers.

"25 seniors graduated because of the ability to use BASE for elective credit. NONE of them would have graduated without it. Not only does it help our students graduate, but we learned a lot about our students' social/emotional health and thoughts that we would not otherwise have known, and it led to great conversations and getting some much-needed help to those students. We look forward to another great year next year with BASE." - Suzanne Jimenez, Counselor

Jeffco Virtual Academy

"BASE is a social emotional - web based program that is saving Lives, Changing behaviors, and Creating Honest Relationships between adults and hard to reach teens. Why you ask, because we are meeting our youth at a place they feel extremely comfortable to open up at, in the "Cloud". With that said, our professionals have an opportunity to work with exponentially more students a day and are able to triage the most important issues in a far more efficient and effective manner."

Anthony StrenoDirector of Student Services, Westminster Public Schools

"Our students and staff benefit from the courses offered on Base Education. I found one particular student was able to open up and we were able to discuss future aspirations and decision-making alternatives. I wasn't just the dean giving consequences because I was able to understand the outside influences instead of just seeing the inappropriate behavior. I was able to build a valuable relationship and become his advocate."

Judy EwerksDean of Students/Athletic Director, Prairie View Middle School

"Suicide, Drugs, Bullying, Guns can this really be school? When BASE came along and offered us support for our families, Students and school professionals I was a bit skeptical.Our districts behavior social and behavioral personnel are now able to develop sincere working relationships with students who used to be extremely hard to deal with. There is no silver bullet in our industry, but I can say I am pleased that we have BASE in our quiver of interventions!"

DavidDirector of Student Services, Colorado School

"We DO have complex kids with diverse needs! I am really impressed with the Base Education and the support I have received from you and Alex. I have already seen improvement in some of my students’ behaviors… If anything, they are THINKING about why they do what they do which is pretty impressive."

Kern County in California

"It worked great again today for me. We love BASE, and I know for me it has been great reading the candid responses I am getting from my students. It is a place for them to be very honest. I have had some great conversations with parents as well."

Douglas County Administrator, Colorado

Our Happy School Districts

(Just to name a few)