Incorporating SEL Into Your Weekly Student Lesson Plans

Whether you have dedicated 1:1 calls or are supporting from afar – Adding a BASE course such as Healthy Communication or Stress Management into your lesson plans can provide social-emotional learning and support for the week. Reviewing their responses to the modules can be a “wrap up/reflection” to end the week and will send your student into the weekend with a strengths-based message of support! 

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“Virtual Classroom” Discussions

If you have more than one student who can benefit from the same SEL material, consider overseeing a “virtual classroom” by presenting an instructional course via video conferencing. Option to have students collaborate on a reflection piece that can be presented during the next meeting. Consider assigning the same course individually to students once your group session has wrapped up to offer each student the opportunity to share their reflections on the topic with anonymity.

Multiple Students Under One Roof

The BASE instructional version courses can be used to facilitate small group discussion/calls. Option to include an in-home activity based on the material discussed on the call. Consider assigning the same courses to everyone in the home and revisit the assigned modules as a “wrap up/reflection” with them at the end of the week.

Engage Student Parents or Guardians

If parents and other adults are looking for ways to connect with the young people in their care 24/7, offer access to the adult version of our BASE courses. Parents/guardians can work through the content with their students (ie, Healthy Communication). 

Students without Devices 

One of the harder challenges of this new remote learning model is to provide solutions for students without online access. In order to offer these students SEL support, simply enroll yourself into an instructional version course and walk through the material verbally with your student during your call.