New Releases!

  • Anxiety Course

    Anxiety (Updated for Fall 2020)

    This course will help you to understand anxiety, recognize the signs, and develop coping strategies as well as help-seeking behaviors.
  • Covid-19

    Coronavirus (Updated for Fall 2020)

    This course will teach the basic facts about the Coronavirus, including how to protect yourself. Updated regularly with the most recent information available.

Additional Course Recommendations for Remote Learning

  • Stress Management

    Stress Management

    This course will help students to understand the definition of stress and learn how it manifests itself in their minds, bodies, and actions. It will also help them to understand the importance of normalizing stress as a part of life and prepare them to roll with the impacts. Students will create a personalized plan for controlling and managing stressful events for successful coping and healthy thriving.
  • Light Bulb

    All or Nothing Thinking

    All or nothing mentality.
  • smiling girl at dusk


    How do I view myself? Is it helpful or harmful? How can I focus on and build upon the areas in which I am confident?
  • teen boy working on a car

    Vison of Self

    How am I perceived by myself? By others? How can I change to fit my vision of myself, so I feel authentic to myself?
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    Coping Strategies

    Handling the various situations and challenges life can bring.
  • grassy field with blue sky and clouds

    Future Goals

    Where am I going? Where do I want to go?
  • couple laughing

    Healthy Communication

    How to be heard effectively to get my needs met.
  • man talking to himself

    Learned Helplessness

    Overcoming powerlessness and understanding my personal impact.
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    What motivates me and how can I move motivation to action?
  • definition SEL

    Character Traits

    Who am I and who do I want to be?